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Rocky Mountain Hemp, Inc respects the private lives of the visitors and users of its Internet sites.  This document describes the practices adopted by Rocky Mountain Hemp, Inc concerning personal data, including the circumstances in which it may be collected, the purposes for which it may be used, and the people for which they are intended.  Each Rocky Mountain Hemp, Inc Internet site has a particular aim and has characteristics which are unique to it. If additional personal data acquisitions are necessary for a Rocky Mountain Hemp, Inc Internet site in particular, you will be so informed on the site. Personal Data Generally, most Rocky Mountain Hemp, Inc Internet sites do not require you to disclose your personal data.  It may be that Rocky Mountain Hemp, Inc requires you to provide it personal data concerning you in order to better meet your needs, for example, to establish a correspondence, to respond to a request, and other similar circumstances.  "Personal data" may include your name, addresses, telephone number, email addresses, and other specific information such as a user name, password, or account information. Collection of Personal Data Rocky Mountain Hemp, Inc will collect your personal data with aims precise, explicit, and legitimate.  It will not treat these data in a way that is incompatible with these goals. When Rocky Mountain Hemp, Inc collects personal data, it informs the concerned person during or before the collection and at least before using them with precise goals. Rocky Mountain Hemp, Inc is committed to collecting only the information that are adequate, relevant, and non-excessive, taking into consideration the goal for which they are collected. Rocky Mountain Hemp, Inc will take all reasonable measures to ensure that the personal data collected are accurate and updated if necessary.   Use of Personal Data Rocky Mountain Hemp, Inc uses your personal data within the strict limits of the goals for which they were collected.  As an example, Rocky Mountain Hemp, Inc may use your personal data to: Provide you with information on its products and services; Carry out and follow your transactions; Allow you to take part in the interactive aspects of its sites; and Communicate, develop, and trade with you.   Rocky Mountain Hemp, Inc is committed to not using your personal data without your prior consent to make commercial prospection. Recipients of the personal data The recipients of your personal data are limited exclusively to the people who have a business need to know. Rocky Mountain Hemp, Inc may share your personal data with third party suppliers or service providers. These suppliers and service providers are contractually obligated to keep your personal data confidential and secure, and they are required to use your personal data only for the needs of the services that were entrusted to them. Rocky Mountain Hemp, Inc will not sell or rent your personal data with third parties without your consent, except pursuant to a court order, to comply with applicable law, or to protect the rights and the goods of Rocky Mountain Hemp, Inc.  Shelf Life Rocky Mountain Hemp, Inc will not preserve your personal data any longer than it is necessary to achieve the goals for which they were collected or for the time period required by law. Right of access, Modification, or Opposition You can ask Rocky Mountain Hemp, Inc for access to your personal data in its possession, and you may modify or delete these data if they are not accurate.  You have the right to prohibit Rocky Mountain Hemp, Inc from collecting or disclosing your personal data for legitimate reasons.   As regards commercial prospection, you can use your right of opposition without any justification. For the exercise of these rights, please notify the webmaster Internet site concerned and/or the Privacy Officer. Data Security Rocky Mountain Hemp, Inc has established measures to ensure the confidentiality, safety and integrity of your personal data.  The access to the personal data is restricted to those with a need to know and who are required to observe these rules. On Rocky Mountain Hemp, Inc's commercial sites, the collection of the banking coordinates will be carried out within the framework of effective and licit processes of security of the payments.  These measurements can consist of encryption (intended to make the data illegible by others) during the collection or of the transfer of confidential data. The aforementioned coordinates will be used only for purposes of payment online and will not be preserved. Rocky Mountain Hemp, Inc takes care to ensure that your personal data is not altered, damaged or misused by third parties who are not allowed to access to these data. Cookies Rocky Mountain Hemp, Inc collects data relating to how you use our Internet sites to improve our service to visitors and users of these sites through the use of cookies, which are files that your navigator Internet places on your hard disk when you visit a site. The cookies do not make it possible to identify you personally. The recorded data can be information such as which pages you consulted, the date and time of such consultation, and other tracking information. You can parameterize your navigator so that it informs you of the presence of cookies and provides you with the option of accepting or not the cookies.  You can also parameterize your navigator to deactivate the cookies. International Transfers of Personal Data Rocky Mountain Hemp, Inc is an international company that has databases in the various countries where it operates. Rocky Mountain Hemp, Inc can transfer your personal data within the company or to its external partners located outside of your home country. Because the level of data protection is not homogeneous on a world level, we do not transmit your personal data to companies of the group and /or to third party companies established out of the European Union unless these companies offer the same or similar level of protection of your personal data that Rocky Mountain Hemp, Inc offers.  For the transfers within Rocky Mountain Hemp, Inc, the company has adopted the more stringent privacy policy as dictated by the European Binding Corporate Rules ("BCRs") to govern the transfers of personal data coming from all parts of the world. By adopting the most thorough standards we ensure that all the privacy of all visitors is protected. Interactive Services Certain Rocky Mountain Hemp, Inc Internet sites contain interactive functions such as chat, forum... You can, if you wish it, use these interactive functions by filling in a form with inscription. This form requires you to disclose certain personal data such as your name, address, telephone number, email address...  These personal data are collected with an aim of improving the interactive services and of meeting your needs.  The users registered with these services can have access to the information provided at the time of the inscription, and they have the right to modify or destroy the information provided at any time.  Minors Rocky Mountain Hemp, Inc Internet sites are generally not intended for minors (less than eighteen (18) years of age).  If you are a minor, we encourage you not to transmit personal information without the authorization of your parents. Links to Third Party Sites Rocky Mountain Hemp, Inc Internet sites can include hyperlinks to third party sites. Rocky Mountain Hemp, Inc does not control these sites and thus cannot be held responsible for their practices relating to the confidentiality and security of your personal data or their content. Thus, we invite you to review those sites' privacy policies before using them or providing them with your personal data. Consent to This Privacy Policy By using this website, you signify your assent to this Privacy Policy. If you do not agree with any term in this Policy, please do not use this site or submit any personally identifiable information. Amendments This Policy became effective on January, 2013. Any amendments will be posted at this URL and will be effective when posted.  Thus, please check this page periodically.