A high protein seed containing all of the essential amino acids, a 3:1 ratio of Omega 3, and highly digestible.
Hemp Seed
Hemp seed is today's gold
Hemp is more sustainable and burns cleaner than any other fuel and is perfect for ethanol fuel production.
Clean Burning Fuel
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Rocky Mountain Hemp Inc. is a unique start up company, based in Springfield, CO, matured in the Rocky Mountain region in the heart of the United States. Rocky Mountain Hemp is dedicated in leading the way and advocating for the return of the hemp plant to the American people and its farmers, providing the American people a viable source of a much-needed economic stimulus, vital health benefits, and a crop that is naturally organic.  We are committed not only to being leaders in the advocacy and lobbying for proper hemp legislation in the state of Colorado and nationally, but also being the first in the United States of America to plant the hemp seed in a viable farm system. Then harvest the crop and process the plants into products that will have a positive impact on society and provide these products to the end consumer. The reintroduction of the Hemp plant to the American farmland will be one of the most gratifying historic moments in agriculture history in well over half a century, and Rocky Mountain Hemp aims to be the leader in Industrial Organic Hemp Production. Through the dedicated work of several individuals, and the voting population in the state of Colorado, we intend to plant and harvest the first permitted Hemp crop in the United States to be used not only by the American consumer but for research and development purposes.
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In contrast to other plants, hemp aerates the soil it grows in by adding carbon dioxide to the soil. This makes it ideal for crop rotation. The crop that follows the hemp will develop better than if it followed another.
Hemp Renews Soil
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